Selected Furniture LLC


To ensure long-term durability, customer satisfaction, and prevent personal injury, periodic furniture maintenance is necessary. Inspect your products on a regular basis for loosened screws, glides, and casters, cracked or broken welds, cracked laminate, wood splinters, and general stability. Immediately remove from use any furniture that is damaged or appears to be unstable. These items should be replaced or immediately repaired using only factory-authorized parts and methods. You may contact our Customer Service Department for assistance and further instructions.

These tips can help you care for and maintain your Selected Furniture items:

  • Wood finish: During the first year of use, coat the wood surfaces every three to four months with a hard paste wax. Thereafter, you can apply the paste wax less often. To clean wood surfaces, use a combination of liquid cleaner/wax polish. Do not use abrasive solvents. Immediately wipe up any liquid spills.
  • Metal finish: Wipe metal parts with a cloth dampened with plain water. Remove dirt by brushing the surface with a delicate brush. Stubborn stains and grease marks may be removed with soap and water.
  • Upholstery: Refer to the mill’s cleaning instructions for the particular material used in your products.


Please call Selected Furniture’s Customer Service Department at 1-877-8-CHAIRS for additional information based on your material.